Friday, 23 December 2011

How FermiLab changed the computing world

How FermiLab changed the computing world

This is a great article about computing at Fermi National Laboratory in Batavia, Illinois. It tells the story about how physicists have helped change the computing world, invented the Internet, and made Linux the common OS thread that it is today. The Tevatron's enduring computing legacy | iSGTW

Disclaimer: I am not an unbiased bystander. My wife is a PhD particle physicist and staff member of the computing division at Fermi Lab where she develops and maintains the actual physics software that lets these huge server farms extract meaningful information from the petabytes of raw data that the experiments generate. She started there in 1991-1992 when run one of the tevatron collider began its life.

Anyway, we all owe a great deal to these incredible boffins!

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