Saturday, 17 December 2011

Giving Linux a try again

Giving Linux a try again

Every year or so, I wonder if Microsoft Windows is really what I should be running or sometimes I wonder what my PC is really doing, so I try Linux. Each year I'm impressed, but decide it is a to techy for me.

This year, to ubuntu's credit 11.04 worked great on both my laptop and desktop. They really have done a fantastic job and have a great support forum with lots of posts and help.

However, while ubuntu 11.04 worked fined on both my PCs, ubuntu 11.10 does not run on my desktop for unknown reasons.

so.... I've been checking out knoppix. I really like how it runs (quick), pretty fast and easy to install to USB boot drive. However, despite effort, research and help, I've not been able to install standard Firefox and Thunderbird under knoppix 6.7.1.

I'm thinking I have to have the following:

Firefox and Thunderbird 8 (not IceWeasel or IceDove) with QuickFox Notes, RemiderFox, Lightning Calendar, Google Calendar Sync

Openshot 1.4

SpiderOak backup


Libre Office suite - I've not tried much, but looks fine for now.

Anyone have an easy to use distro that runs on most PCs with the above applications?

Glad to be part of the LinuxForums.

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