Monday, 19 December 2011

So many issues dont know where to start.

So many issues dont know where to start.

hi all,

First a disclaimer: I am not an expert and I dont know much about linux so my issue might be simple (I hope)...

I have bought a NetGEAR ReadyNAS with linux preinstalled. I would like to do some perl programming on it. Now this is where the challenges start. A can create a simple "hello world" perl script - it works. So now I would like to install a perl-module from cpan and I am in deep water. The module is Mechanize and its the first module I try to install on the NAS.

1) I tried using perl -MCPAN -e 'shell' - It says that does not exist.

2) Then I tried to find a CPAN package because I hoped I could just install it using apt-get install. I cannot find such a package (I can show my sources.list if that is relevant?). I tried to find it using apt-cache search cpan

3) Then I downloaded the CPAN module decompressed it and tried to build it using perl Makefile.PL. now it says "Can't locate ExtUtils/".

I dont know what kind of distribution this is - or if it is a distribution. I wonder if thats important - or if it can limit me in some way. Making some-perl modules unavailable.

When I search for perl : find / -name "perl*" I get matches for both

and that makes me wonder if I have installed two version of perl making the perl installation "bad".

phew... maybe one of you guys can point me in the right direction..

Thanks in advance

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