Sunday, 18 December 2011

Two Questions

Two Questions

I have replaced Ubuntu 11.10 with Linux Mint and Overall I am quite happy. I have replaced Gnome 3 with LXDE simply because I enjoy have a GUI and I enjoy having some customization but without all the bloat of a larger window manager.

Now what I'm hoping to do that I really hope someone can help me with is

1) The default battery monitor does not work but typing "acpi" into a terminal does. Is there any way that I may put results that command into the bottom panel so that I will still have battery percentage. If not maybe someone can instruct me on creating a script that watches that polls the acpi command about every ten minutes and warns me when the battery drops below a certain level.

2) What is the darn name of the gnome package in Mint Linux so that I may remove it?

Thanks in Advance :D

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